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In response to the <a href=">January 2011 special issue on women</a>, <em>U.S. Catholic</em> has invited our writers, scholars, and readers to contribute their thoughts on how they keep the faith as women in the church. Check back throughout January to read how both prominent and ordinary women answer this question. You may also share your own reflections by submitting a guest blog post (about 500 words) to <a href=""></a>.

A teacher of wisdom and faith: Sister Rosalyn O'Malley

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In the first installment of our special feature on "church ladies," Catholic women who inspire our faith, Emily Dagostino recounts her fourth grade teacher.

By guest blogger Emily Dagostino.

She wore glasses over ice-blue Irish eyes, and her skin wore the look and feel of clotted cream. Her head was a small white cap atop a fleshy body. She held her still hands folded, one inside the other, in front of her belly. She carried herself and her baby-powder scent in striped button-down shirts and long straight skirts, stockings, and taupe rubber-soled loafers.