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Weekly roundup: #BringBackOurGirls, distrust with the LCWR, and Noah news (that has nothing to do with the movie)

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Ain’t no sunshine when it’s raining, except if it’s early May and there’s sunshine, rain, hail, and 90 degree weather all within the course of a single week.

So this week, just in case you were too busy deciding whether (ha!) to bring your umbrella or leave it at home, this is your weekly roundup.

Three hundred Nigerian school girls were abducted last month, and this month, everyone from President Obama to Nigerian Cardinal John Olorunfemi Onaiyekanare to the Vatican itself calling for their safe return.


Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, scolded the LCWR for disobedience this week. Cardinal Kasper later downplayed Cardinal Mueller’s comments, and the LCWR released a statement, in which they said “uring the meeting it became evident that despite maximum efforts through the years, communication has broken down and as a result, mistrust has developed.”

Also in Vatican news, the Vatican is facing a United Nations inquiry to determine whether the Roman Catholic Church has violated an international treaty against torture and inhuman treatment. The Vatican has made clear that the sexual abuse of minors in the church is to be equated with torture.

In more domestic news, the University of Notre Dame is making headlines for launching a new campaign to reinforce a message of inclusion wrapped in the wider message of the Catholic faith. You Can Play was co-founded by Patrick Burke, a 2006 Notre Dame graduate, who also worked with Jason Collins, the NBA star who came out as gay last year, and Michael Sam, the All-American University of Missouri football standout who announced he was gay earlier this year.

In Kentucky, an old monastery is suddenly embroiled in scandal. A former accountant at the Abbey of Gethsemani is accused of stealing more than $1 million from the monastery. And as if that weren’t enough, there seems to be some mysterious component to this scandal that includes accusations of sexual affairs between the monks and ‘outside women.

And for some lighter, more adorable news, Noah has replaced Jacob as the top boy name in the United States. Sophia is the top girl name for the third year in a row.

And now for the rapid fire papal roundup:

This week Pope Francis:


That’s all for now, folks. Have a wonderful weekend!