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Weekly roundup: SOTU, SCOTUS, and Skype exorcisms

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This week, President Obama delivered the State of the Union Address, and a Congressman threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony. And the Olympics haven’t even started yet.

This is your weekly roundup.

In Milton, Massachusetts a man has filed a discrimination suit against a Catholic school, Fontbonne Academy. Matthew Barrett says that the school rescinded a job offer of food services manager because he listed his husband as his emergency contact.

Also in Massachusetts, federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. For more updates about death penalty cases, read this piece.

Meanwhile in Washington, the SCOTUS case Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby has gained more attention. The USCCB issued an amicus brief, as did Rick Warren and 37 other (all male) Christians. They all continue to claim that the HHS contraception mandate violates the free exercise clause of the First Amendment. Meanwhile, 19 Democratic Senators (including five women) filed an amicus brief in favor of the HHS mandate.

A German bishop earned the criticism of Muslim groups when he told a group of his followers,  "I always say, one of your families to me makes up for three Muslim families." He later apologized for his remarks.

The FAA has ruled that drones are not permitted to deliver beer to ice fishermen. There goes my vacation.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is going head-to-head with creationist Ken Ham. On February 4, the two will have a discussion around the question “Is creationism a viable model of origins?” I wonder what their answers will be.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, Reverend Bob Larson is performing exorcisms, but saving himself the travel costs. He’s performing exorcisms via Skype at $925 a pop.


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