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Weekly roundup: War on Christmas, old-timey spirituality, and more scandal

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Happy third day of Christmas! In celebration of the day and week, we at U.S. Catholic offer you this quick weekly roundup in lieu of the traditional three french hens.

Since it ‘tis this Christmas season, let’s talk quickly about the war on Christmas. According the Charles Austin, the war is over, and Christmas won.

In an effort to recapture the spirit of Christmas, some American Christians are turning to more ancient spiritual practices to add some gravitas to the pile of presents and the jolly elf in a red velvet suit.

In more serious news, Msgr. William Lynn, the first church official held accountable for child sex abuse in the U.S., will be released from prison. A Superior court ruled that Lynn was not responsible for child endangerment, though he covered up the scandal. David Gibson of Religion News Service offers some analysis on the situation here.

A Catholic school in Seattle forced the resignation of a vice principal who had married his partner, and students organized a sit-in at the school to protest the actions of the administration.

Meanwhile, support for Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has found its home on facebook, where January 21 has been announced "Phil Robertson support day." The Duck Dynasty star was dismissed by A&E after controversial comments were published in GQ magazine earlier this month.

Now for the Papal rapid-fire roundup:

Surprise! He’s popular!

His views on economics are freaking out the GOP.

He still likes atheists.

President Obama sees him as an ally.

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