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An immigration update

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While a group of activists continues to fast on the National Mall to bring awareness to immigration reform, a new report released shows that a majority of Americans support a path to citizenship for the country's undocumented immigrants.

The report, released by the Public Religion Research Institute, found that 63 percent of Americans support a path to citizenship, and that support crosses partisan and religious divides.

Despite this wide public support for immigration reform, the picture continues to look bleak that any bill will actually make it all the way through Congress.

This report comes out as the USCCB announce that the National Migration Week will be held from January 5-11. On the website, the USCCB writes, "It is our call as the Church to bring the light of Christ to these populations, banish the darkness, and help to bring them from the margins of society to its center. Doing so will provide vulnerable migrants with a protected space in which they can flourish as human beings."

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Image: Arasmus Photo CC-BY-2.0  via Wikimedia Commons