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#100Women: "Half the world speaks"

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This month, the BBC is initiating a conversation about the role of women in the world. Called #100Women, the project will culminate with a conference in London at the end of October that will gather 100 women from across the world for debate and interaction. #100Women celebrates a century of progress on issues related to women’s rights, while also looking ahead to what else might or must still be accomplished.

Says the BBC of their month-long initiative: "The BBC's 100 Women season will seek to shine a light on life for women in the 21st century--the risks, challenges, and opportunities they face every day, in every country."

For some women these challenges could mean access to better health care, or better wages (which, here in the United States, recent studies still show that women earn only 77 cents on the dollar compared to men), or risks of domestic violence or sexual abuse.

One of the questions the project is looking to explore is: Does religion empower women, or keep their rights in check?

There’s certainly no shortage of opinions on what the role of women should be in the Catholic Church. Especially in light of Pope Francis’ recent interview, which cited the need for “feminine genius” in church decision-making, speculation has abounded about the possibility for expanding roles for women in the church.

Feel free to weigh in at the BBC, and follow the conversation on Twitter and Facebook by using the hashtag #100Women.