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Weekly roundup: Sea monsters, Noah, and Batman

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We've entered the end of summer, so in case you were busy with "Back to school" shopping, here's what you missed this week.

First, it looks like the millennial generation is choosing to shack up - with their parents. A Pew Forum analysis found that 36 percent of young adults ages 18-31 are choosing to live at home with their parents. There is a bit of a gender gap, with 40 percent of young men and 32 percent of young women crashing with the 'rents.

In matters mysterious, an alleged sea monster washed up on shore in Villaricos, Spain. There was lots of speculation as to whether this might be the cousin of the Loch Ness monster, but NPR has quit us of those illusions. Likely an oarfish or a thresher shark. Still exceptionally gross though.

In inter-faith news, it appears that a number of Latino Americans are turning away from Catholicism and turning toward...Islam. According to the BBC, there are between 100,000 and 200,000 Latino Muslim converts in the U.S.

For those who remain Catholic and are really committed, there's an app for that. Little iApps has created a creed alarm app. In case your mornings are not religious enough, now you can set your phone to wake you up with the Nicene Creed. If you're really a glutton for punishment, the app is available in Latin.

In news from the Vatican, there is actually news from Buenos Aires. An Argentinean priest has made a point to let us all know that Pope Francis is the same guy he always has been, just in case we were worried it was all just a show. Same guy. Different hat.

As if to prove the point, Pope Francis called up an Italian teenager who had written him a letter a few weeks ago. Francis asked the teenager to pray for him, and insisted that the teen use the informal 'tu' during their conversation, and told him that he hopes the young man gets a job.

Following in the footsteps of Pope Francis, the Ignatian News Network has released a series of YouTube videos titled "Who are we to judge? - Gay Catholics." The videos feature voices from a number of gay individuals affiliated with the Catholic church.

In other uplifting news, bishops and priests from across the country will be pushing a political agenda from the pulpit in days to come. Specifically there will be a push to overhaul immigration. Kevin Appleby, the director of migration at the USCCB told the NY Times, “They have to hear the message that we want this done, and if you’re not successful during the summer, you’re not going to win by the end of the year.”

Speaking of miracles, it is looking like Noah and the ark are going to make their way to the big screen sometime soon. Director Daren Aronofsky has signed on to direct the Biblical epic of Noah and the Great Flood. Noah is played by Russell Crowe, with Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah. Some of the first footage from the film was screened this week at a church conference in Texas.

In other Hollywood news, it has just been announced that Ben Affleck will be the new Batman! The caped crusader will be a part of the sequel to Man of Steel. That means Batman and Superman will appear side-by-side on the big screen! Is your mind blown yet?

And that's all for now, folks. What happened in your corner this week?