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Channel your inner Iggy with Loyola Press

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As a graduate of a Jesuit university, I have spent a lot of time channeling my inner Iggy. The spirit of St. Ignatius—the founder of the Jesuits—has been with me in my spiritual life. I have found him beside me listening to the choir sing in Loyola University Chicago’s Madonna della Strada Chapel. We’ve hung out with the Jesuit residents and professors at Loyola’s annual Jes Fest/Ignatian Heritage Week festivities. He was even with me when I was studying in Rome and had the incredible opportunity to visit the rooms where he lived centuries ago.

As the saint who developed of The Spiritual Exercises, Ignatius has been helping people deepen their relationship with God for centuries through prayers, meditations, and contemplative practices. Now a common practice to many, The Spiritual Exercises are daily retreats for spiritual growth. If you’re a fan of St. Ignatius and his way to God, now’s your chance show what he’s taught you.

Today marks the first day of Loyola Press’s second annual Find Your Inner Iggy celebration. The contest runs through July 31st which is the feast day of St. Ignatius. Ignatius fans are invited to answer daily questions about how they find God and are encouraged to share their stories on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Vine. Go to to participate and use the hashtag #FindIggy to spread the word! Everyone who participates by sending photos, tweets, posts, or videos gets a chance to be one of three winners that Loyola Press will announce each day. Winners will receive exciting Ignatius prizes such as bobbleheads, tattoos, and books.

Today’s theme is “Where do you find God in an unlikely place?” The more I think about this, the more I come back to the same scene: sitting at the end of a pier that jets out into Lake Michigan off of Loyola Beach overlooking the beautiful skyline of Chicago. Here I am calm. Here I have pure joy. Here I know I am loved by God. And it means even more if I’m wearing my “Ignatius is in the house!” T-shirt that I got at a Jes Fest years ago.

Image: Flickr photo cc by lisadragon