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Calling all artists! How's your hand at drawing Pope Francis?

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Unfortunately for me, my older brother took all of the incredible artistic genes in the family before I was born. Fortunately for you, my lack of ability to draw so much as a stick figure has nothing to do with your amazing talents.

Religion News Service is calling artists of all ages for a chance to win gift cards and gift packages that include RNS collectables.

Who do you have to draw for them? Pope Francis.

You have until September 2, 2013 to draw the best rendition of the Supreme Pontiff that you can and submit it to RNS.

For more information, visit this website and then get drawing!

I’ll do my best to enter something that looks even slightly like Pope Francis. However, I’m going to need quite the divine intervention to win.

Good luck!

Image: Flickr photo cc by woodleywonderworks