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Praying for Boston, in Boston and online

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As those of us who live in Boston continue to take in the news of yesterday's bombings at the Boston Marathon, I thought I'd share a prayer from a liturgy I joined last night, written by Brother Roger of Taize:

O Christ,
at times we are like strangers on this earth,
disconcerted by violence and harsh oppositions.
Like a gentle breeze, you breathe upon us the Spirit of peace.
Transfigure the deserts of our doubts
and so prepare us to be bearers of reconciliation wherever you place us,
that the hope of peace may arise in our world,
through Christ our Savior. Amen.

Brother Roger captures my own feelings and hopes on this "day after."

When there was time for free prayer last night, I was overwhelmed with the desire to pray in thanksgiving for Mark Zuckerberg of all people as I watched how folks on Facebook (and Twitter and other social media) reached out to care for one another across distance. We have ways to pray and be connected in ways we could never have imagined.

Please keep your prayers--for the victims, for Boston, for peace, even for perpetrators--coming, including in the comments below.