US Catholic Faith in Real Life

How do you pray?

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One friend of mine prays regularly for parking spaces—and gets them. Another lifts up to God his list of the sick and the dying every single morning. And a third meditates faithfully every evening for at least 10 minutes. What about you?

U.S. Catholic is planning, in an issue in the not-too-distant future, to explore the real prayer lives of Catholics. To get started, we’re looking for intrepid souls brave enough to reveal (anonymously if you wish) the specifics of your daily prayer lives. From the minute you get up in the morning until you go to bed, tell us about your habits of talking to God, resting in God’s presence, practicing Catholic devotions, praying for a parking space--whatever forms your prayer life currently takes throughout the day. Does your prayer make a difference in your daily routine, in your resentment levels, in your confidence in making decisions?

Even if you feel you have nothing to share on prayer, you probably do. Tell us in the comments below about your prayer life, and if your story is one that catches our attention we'll contact you about including your prayer life in our upcoming story.

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