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Kicking off Lent with CRS Rice Bowl

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If you, like me, are a procrastinator, you’re probably still trying to figure out exactly what you can do for Lent even though Ash Wednesday is already here. If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way of being mindful of the season and acting on your faith, it is not too late to get on board with a great Lenten tradition: Catholic Relief Services’ annual CRS Rice Bowl program.

Repackaged and revamped for 2013, CRS Rice Bowl (which you might also know by its former name, Operation Rice Bowl) kicked off this morning at the annual CRS breakfast during the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering here in Washington. I also had the privilege last night of sitting down for a lengthy interview with Carolyn Woo, president and CEO of Catholic Relief Services, who helped to explain just how the program helps carry out the mission of CRS (look for our Expert Witness interview with Woo coming up later this year in U.S. Catholic).

CRS Rice Bowl is an opportunity for us to learn not about the work of an organization but about the real lives of people living around the globe. It helps us build solidarity with our brothers and sisters and to discover the richness of other cultures. And it gives us a chance to reflect on our own blessings and the way we can share our abundance with those who have little. In short it is a way to get more in touch with the gospel and our call to love and serve one another.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn more about CRS Rice Bowl. For starters, you can check out this promotional video:


CRS Rice Bowl - Lent 2013


And CRS even has you covered when it comes to great Lenten recipes. Here’s one to get you started for week one of Lent:

CRS Rice Bowl: Having Fun Making Simple Meals