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Week's end updates: LCWR, CRS, and VPs

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Here’s a collection of stories from the Catholic universe that we’ve been covering that have received some recent attention:

  • Last week at a meeting in St. Louis, the LCWR declared that they wished to continue dialogue with the Vatican after its rebuke of the organization. Sister Mary Hughes (recently retired as leader of the organization) is now saying that the LCWR has no plans or desire to break from the Vatican. Hughes delivered some pretty powerful quotes: "It is the deep desire of the membership to stay within the church and not move away from it,” she said. “We derive our strength from the sacramental life of the church." Hughes also said that the nuns are not interested in blind obedience to Vatican hierarchy. "Real dialogue does not involve winners and losers; it's about a way in which we both get stretched," she said. "It's not defiance, it's wanting the church to be all that it can be. That prophetic voice will continue."
  • Catholic Relief Services has recently come under fire for its relationship with fellow relief organization CARE. On its website, CRS has offered an update on similar accusations levied due to its partnership with MEDiCAM, an association of humanitarian agencies working in public health in Cambodia. “MEDiCAM, similar to some networks and professional associations to which CRS belongs, include organization members and program areas which do not align with all tenets of Catholic teaching,” the site reads. “CRS staff who participate in these associations acknowledge our differences, air our disagreements on these issues, and contribute our Catholic voice to the conversation. As a member of such associations, we are able to represent the Catholic positions on health care as well as highlight our work and demonstrate the efficacy of such approaches….CRS seeks to advance the common good of the world through the uncommon excellence of our staff, partners and programs.”

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