US Catholic Faith in Real Life

Daily links, Fri., Aug. 3: Spoiler alert! This post contains nothing about Michael Phelps

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Seven in 10 Catholics tell the Pew Research Center that they are somewhat or very satisfied with the leadership of the U.S. bishops. In other news Kansas City, Missouri priest Shawn Ratigan pleads guilty to creating child pornography. Charges against his bishop, Robert Finn, are still unresolved.

In the same survey, Catholics give an 83 percent approval rating to Catholic sisters. On the eve of the sisters big gathering in St. Louis, Religion News Service profiles the amazing story of Leadership Conference of Women Religious President Pat Farrell. Call to Action and other Catholic reform groups are organizing "Sister City" vigils to support LCWR in their dispute with Rome.

Finally, while many Americans update their relationship status and breakfast menu on Facebook and Twitter, their religious commitments tend to stay offline.