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Daily Links, Aug. 2: Taxes, gun control, and religious freedom

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Faith leaders are once again denouncing lawmakers, this time as the House of Representatives prepares to vote on competing tax plans. Meanwhile, a new study shows that Romney's proposed budget plan would raise taxes for 95% of Americans, with the top 5% getting a tax break. 

An attorney in Tuscon discusses in the Washington Post why killing is a profitable enterprise.

A WWII Vet who witnessed the Pearl Harbor attack responded to Representative Mike Kelly's comparison of providing contraception coverage with Pearl Harbor and 9/11, calling Kelly's words "misguided" and "insulting."

According to a new Pew Forum report, while Catholics share some of the bishops' concerns about religious freedom, more Catholic voters still support or lean toward Obama.

And next week, the nuns will gather to discuss the next steps in the conflict between the Vatican and the LCWR.