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Daily links, Thurs., July 6: My God, my God, why are you trying to bake Chicago?

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It is now 1 kabillion degrees and too hot to move; nevertheless, I will attempt to direct you to cooler spots on the interwebs.

Or hotter: The Church of England is in the final throes of approving the consecration of women as bishops. Or not: Both those on the right and left are unhappy with the alternative oversight granted to parishes that can't accept a woman as a bishop. If the legislation goes down next week, it will be another five years before the CofE will have a woman as a bishop. I still think it likely England will join Anglican provinces in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa (is that all?) in admitting women to the episcopate.

On the religious freedom front, Financial Times columnist Christopher Caldwell wonders if the Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise break up will force a court to decide if Scientology is a religion under U.S. law. If so, Cruise could claim that it would violate his religious freedom if he was unable to raise Suri as a Scientologist. I wonder if the Thomas More Society and the USCCB will file a friend-of-the-court brief.

Finally, here is a link to a current Chicago weather map. If everyone could please blow on it or fan it or something, maybe all that pink and red will turn back to something nicer, like 70 degrees and light rain.