US Catholic Faith in Real Life

Daily Links, July 9: Celebrity gossip, shocking studies, and more!

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First, the news that everyone is talking about: celebs Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have officially split up! Holmes said that she didn't want to raise their child in the church of Scientology, and rumors are circulating that she's "headed home" to the Catholic Church she was raised in. Meanwhile USA Today reports that interfaith couples such as "TomKat" (awesome) are more likely to divorce. For more on making interfaith marriages work, check out our feature on the topic from last year.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has resolved six cases involving priests who had been placed on leave after a grand jury report on sex abuse violations, with two priests removed from ministry and four cleared to remain.

Remember the case of the woman denied communion at her mother's funeral in Washington D.C. in February? The priest involved in the situation has also been removed from ministry in D.C.

Are we going to see e-reader Bibles and iPad versions of the missal being used at Mass?

Thirteen of the 17 current female senators have supported a resolution in support of women religious. (In other news, despite representing half of the population, women make up less than a fifth of the Senate!)

The Vatican's 2011 financial losses came out to more than $19 million--ouch! What is to blame, they say? Declining global financial markets.

And, the results of this study may surprise you!