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Daily Links, July 16: Surveys, science, and sports

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In a new poll from Gallup, we hear today that only 44 percent of Americans have confidence in "the church or organized religion." One analysis suggests that if churches back off of politically partisan messages, people might gain more confidence in them.

Another survey released today from the National Geographic Society shows that not only are Americans bringing up the rear in sustainable practices, we don't feel much guilt about not living a green lifestyle.

The Atlantic profiles women in the Minneapolis suburbs who are uniting across political and economic lines to protest "what many of them call an embarrassment to Minnesota"--the proposed state constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage.

Apparently, the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle (or the "God particle") was an act of faith.

It's looking like Suri Cruise will be attending Catholic school after all.

And now, for the most church-and-sports-related links ever to appear in the Daily Links (that don't feature Tim Tebow)!

Read about what the English Catholic Church is doing to prep for the London summer Olympic games.

Also, the Olympic games will feature the first-ever Palestinian athlete who qualified on his own merit (and not on a special invitation from the IOC).

And here's another article on the similarities between the Penn State and Catholic church sex abuse scandals, after a new investigation has revealed that former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno was not as innocent as a lot of people thought  (or hoped).