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Daily Links, July 10: ACA Q&A, documenting hell, and wedding survival tips

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Almost two weeks removed from the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, there's still a ton of talk about the health care law.

Journalist Christine Scheller has a question for her fellow pro-lifers on denying health care coverage to those who can't get insurance on their own or through their jobs: "Don’t they care about women like me who dropped out of college to have our babies instead of aborting them because we heard and believed their message, but then are forever playing catch up career-wise?"

The Christian Century makes a case for why the health care law should be more popular among all Americans. And the president himself answers a question about the law's controversial contraception requirement, shedding some light on how he views the "religious liberty" question.

Elsewhere in the world, a woman working for the Vatican's newspaper is taking a stand for the role of women in the church.

Sojourners has the scoop on a new documentary about the Christian vision of hell. Sounds like it might be a good companion to our cover story from last November on the Catholic Church's teaching about hell.

If you are still looking to make some summer travel plans, CNN has a list of eight religious sites worth seeing in the United States.

And for those whose summer plans include attending weddings, the CDC has issued some tips for how to survive them.