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Daily Links Wed., June 27: Not Back-to-the-Future Day

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The thrills and joys of those of us who hang onto the tails of Generation X and/or lead the Millennials in the Age of the Internets have been dashed. The Internets this morning tricked us into believing it was Back to the Future Day. By the afternoon, the Internets told us it was a hoax.

Tomorrow, we’ll learn if the hopes and joys of the country with the beginnings of a reformed health care system will fall. Today, we’re asking if health care is a right, or something to be earned.

Yesterday, resident history nerd Liz Lefebvre read a recap of Michael Scaperlanda’s address at the Catholic Media Conference. I swear I saw steam rising out of her cubicle. Today, she wrote a blog post addressing the presentation of “facts” in the wire story as well as the facts themselves. Three words (one preposition): Divine right of kings.

What do abortion and flood insurance have in common? Nothing. But Rand Paul wants the Senate’s flood insurance to include an amendment that defines when life begins.

The FDA approved a weight-loss drug today, the first time a weight-loss drug has been approved in 13 years. From the LA Times:  “Just over one in three adult Americans is considered obese, and an additional 36 percent are overweight, prompting widespread concern that Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers linked to obesity will overwhelm the U.S. healthcare system. Already, obesity-related disease is estimated to account for $147 billion in annual healthcare costs.”

Why not community-based weight loss at church? asks the Christian Century