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Daily Links Wed., June 13: Branding, bikes, beer

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Someone who thinks the Vatican should be run like a large corporation with a branding strategy seems to be consulting Rome on its internet presence. This quote alone reveals a lot: “Controlling the top-level domain ‘will be a way to authenticate the Catholic presence online,’ [Msgr. Paul Tighe, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications] said. The Vatican plans to allow ‘institutions and communities that have canonical recognition’ to use the extension, "so people online--Catholics and non-Catholics--will know a site is authentically Catholic.’"

Have you read our interview with Catholic for the Common Good and Democrat for Life Stephen Schneck? You should.

Have you ridden a bike to church? You should do that, too. And also watch this show on Hulu.

What would Jesus brew? RNS reports: Lots. OMG. The Hopostles.

Another one of these type of stories (yawn). NPR reported something similar on a former Methodist minister who “came out” as an atheist a few months ago. I wonder if these people are predisposed to move from one extreme to the other, if their sense of conversion as Christians isn’t influencing their movement away from the church. Irony.

Who has the “toughest assignment facing any American bishop at the moment”? John Allen says it’s Bishop Sartain. Bryan Cones isn’t buying it.