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Daily links, Mon., June 18: Rights for unhoused people, another "unruly" religious, and a satellite wanders far from home

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Rhode Island passes a "Homeless Bill of Rights," bucking the national trend of criminalizing poverty, poor people, and most ways of serving them in public. (h/t to Episcopal Cafe)

Voyager I, the pioneering spacecraft that is human-made object farthest from the Earth, is crossing the barrier of the heliosphere (the region of spaced "governed" by the effects of our sun) into interstellar space. Good luck!

In church news LCWR president, Franciscan Sister Pat Farrell, is unsure what the next steps forward in talks with the Vatican, but  is "very sure ... that this is bigger than LCWR."

Another religious--Christian Brother this time--writes openly of that "we the faithful believe that the ordination of women not only should take place, but must take place soon." Jim Martin reviews Brother Louis DeThomasis' book at America.