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Daily Links, June 8: Some great topics for conversation--religion, politics, and sports!

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Today, John Carr of the USCCB's Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development announced that he will be resigning from the position. Bryan Cones wonders what the implications will be for the church's social justice work.

Discussion continues over the Vatican's recent treatment of women religious. At the Washington Post, Lisa Miller addresses the use of the term "radical feminist" as applied to nuns. Tim Padgett at TIME wonders why the church appears to persecute women, since women have played such a crucial role in church history.

In the world of politics, a bill has been introduced to raise the minimum wage to $10, an initiative already being supported on the state level by the bishops in New York. And, one representative urges the Supreme Court to keep in mind the aspects about the Affordable Care Act that promote the common good. Lest we be too ready for the 2012 to be planning already in the works for a 2016 presidential campaign for Catholic candidate Rick Santorum?

Switching to sports: the pope, in honor of international soccer's Euro 2012 tournament (Greece and Poland playing to an opening game tie today), praised the benefits of football and all sports, saying that they inspire fraternity and love. Reports of racism and political controversy suggest there might be more to it than brotherly love.