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Daily Links, June 30: More on health care, providing contraceptives, and the quest for 'religious freedom'

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After a hectic week, things in the news seem to be slowing down today. Of course the U.S. bishops are continuing their "Fortnight for Freedom" campaign, with rallies taking place today here in Chicago. Meanwhile in Baltimore, a former Catholic shares an opposing view on the campaign.

Catholic University of America professor Stephen Schneck, featured in the interview in our July issue, weighs in today with another opinion on the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

Another announcement that some Catholics are happy about is the declaration of Archbishop Fulton Sheen as venerable, moving him closer to sainthood.

Congress today passed a major bill bundling transportation programs with freezing current student loan interest rates.

California's famed Crystal Cathedral is on its way to becoming the Christ Cathedral as it begins its coversion to Catholicism.

Canada's Catholic bishops are fighting against offering the HPV vaccine to girls in Catholic schools, arguing that it sends the message to girls that "early sexual intercourse is allowed."

And don't miss this video of Melinda Gates being interviewed by Stephen Colbert. Gates offers an explanation of why her efforts to bring family planning options to women in developing countries is entirely compatible with her Catholic faith and represents an important extension of the church's teaching on social justice. Do you think she's right, or is she at odds with her own church on this?