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Daily Links, June 25: Supreme Court decisions galore!

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The Supreme Court was busy today, issuing rulings on a number of cases. Among the decisions: juveniles cannot be given sentences of life without parole, Montana's law limiting campaign finances was overturned, and much (though not all) of Arizona's controversial immigration law was struck down.

However, it appears that the much-anticipated decision on the Affordable Care Act will not come until Thursday. A new poll shows that though most Americans oppose the entire health care law, despite agreeing with many of its provisions. And, hear from one voice optimisitc that the law will stand.

Now that the verdict has been reached in William Lynn's trial, hear from local Catholics in Philadelphia as they respond to the news, and reflection on what the ruling means for the church.

The Vatican has taken a step in fixing what it labeled a PR problem: hiring Fox News correspondent Greg Burke to help keep everyone on message.

Today's Fortnight for Freedom graph, courtesy of Public Religion Research Institute: What do people see as the biggest threats to religious liberty?