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Daily Links, June 22: Lynn's verdict, America's health care, and Syria's violence

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William Lynn was convicted on one count of child endangerment, the jury announced today in Philadelphia. In other news out of Philly, the archdiocese is going to lay off at least 40 employees and shut down its diocesan newspaper, partly due to the cost of the legal fees and trial.

It's Day 2 of the Fortnight for Freedom. Here's a graph detailing the breakdown of if people think religious liberty is being threatened in the U.S. In New York, the state's Catholic Conference has called a lawsuit filed by a married lesbian couple an attempt “to compel the hospital (and all Catholic employers) to violate their religious beliefs.

Speaking of health care, what will happen to the billions of federal dollars appropriated for the law if the Affordable Care Act is struck down? More importantly, what will happen to the people likely to lose their lives without health care?

The Vatican has started to speak up louder condemning the violence that is currently plauging Syria.

For a summary of the Vatican documents leak, check out this piece in USA Today.

In a more lighthearted announcement from the Vatican, they have declared the film "The Blues Brothers" to be a "modern classic." This led the UK's Register to quip: "In Church terms a movie that is 33 years old can now be described as modern, as opposed to merely new."