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Daily Links, June 15: Contraception, immigration, and nuns are everywhere

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The Catholic Health Association dropped a bombshell today with their letter to the Department of Health and Human Services claiming the current proposal for dealing with the contraception mandate won't work for Catholic hospitals. On the blog today I pondered what this might mean for the bishops vs. Obama administration battle.

One issue where Obama and the bishops are on the same page is immigration. The president announced today that the U.S. will stop deporting undocumented immigrants who through no fault of their own were brought into the country as children. The bishops' conference has endorsed this approach.

Still more on the bishops: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette collects some odds and ends from the bishops' meeting in Atlanta this week.

Nuns are still in the news, with Sister Simone Campbell of NETWORK appearing on MSNBC after appearing earlier in the week on The Colbert Report. Meanwhile, AP takes a closer look at the history of the dispute between women religious and the Vatican.

More news out of the Vatican today: Pope Benedict XVI has established an ordinariate in Australia for Anglicans entering the Catholic Church.

And at the Washington Post, guest blogger Michael Bayer argues for why we still need the Catholic Church.