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Daily Links: More on same-sex marriage, the Girl Scouts, and Catholic college speakers

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The big buzz today is still surrounding President Obama's declaration of support for same-sex marriage. Steve Thorngate at the Christian Century notes that asking for the president's personal opinion may not be asking the right question of him, The Daily Beast asks if most Catholic theologians support same-sex marriage, NPR asks how Christians who read the same Bible come to such different conclusions about gay marriage, and Nancy Pelosi says her Catholic faith compels her to support same-sex marriage. However, CNN takes a look at what other social and religious issues are likely to be key to the election in the upcoming months.

Here's more info from the Washington Post today on the bishops' investigation of the Girl Scouts.

Though Victoria Kennedy was denied from speaking at Anna Maria College, it looks like she will now be engaged as the speaker at Boston College's Law School graduation. Read more here about controversial speakers at Catholic campuses.

And, fear not--new evidence unearthed from archaeological digs suggests that the Mayans likely didn't think the world was going to end in December 2012.