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Daily links, Mon., May 21: While hunkered down in Chicago's Loop waiting for NATO to go home

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It's a beautiful day in Chicago, with only NATO, NATO protestors, and your faithful U.S. Catholic staff holding down the fort in the Loop. There has been one bit of Catholic NATO news: Our building's 8th Day Center for Justice's Sister Kathleen Desautels, who likes to think of herself as "the hostess of the protest" when she serves as a "peace guide," was profiled in the Chicago Tribune. We think she's really cool.

On to longer reads: The mega-lawsuit filed by 43 dioceses, Catholic universities, and Our Sunday Visitor gets comment from me here at USC and from Grant Gallicho at Commonweal. Both of us are skeptical about motives; Grant spends more time with ND President John Jenkins letter about his university's participation. 

Remember those new Mass translations? Liturgist James Dallen, S.J.'s overview of what the process that produced them means for the church has been making the rounds. It covers familiar ground, but nice to have it all in one place. Another long piece by Tony Coady in the UK digs into what's behind recent Vatican actions against women religious, among other issues.

And since it wouldn't be Daily Links without something about gay marriage, here's some news about what the Archbishop of Berlin said about same-sex relationships.