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Daily links, Mon., May 14: White Rose Catholic Workers v. NATO, and the political issue that may go away

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Commentary surrounding the president's "evolution" on same-sex marriage continues, with some--including a GOP pollster--openly suggesting that the GOP should evolve in a similar direction. Andrew Sullivan collects others' comments about how the president's faith may have shaped his change of heart. Sarah Posner at Religion Dispatches questions just how significant the president's announcement really is.

Robert Jones of the Public Religion Research Institute explores the reasons millennials are leaving Christianity, with mainline Protestants and Roman Catholics suffering the heaviest losses. Really bad. "Anti-gay" is the word this generation associates with Christianity, by the way (64 percent of them).

Here in Chicago, protesters are gearing up for a fight (pretty much hidden from view because of our dictatorial mayor and lock-step city council). The White Rose Catholic Workers, however, got plenty of press by storming President Obama's Chicago campaign office, with eight of them arrested: "As Catholic Workers, we serve the poor by practicing the works of mercy — feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, taking care of the sick and the works of war are directly opposed to that." Dorothy Day would be proud.

And fun for the day: John Allen updates his list of papabile, possible successors to Pope Benedict. Spoiler alert: All the candidates are men. And don't miss the website where church reformer Martin Luther insults you in English AND German (h/t to Commonweal).