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Daily Links, May 7: Speakers, stats, and same-sex marriage

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Coverage continues to appear about who is behind the crackdown on the LCWR, with the Boston Globe contributing reporting as well.

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, will speak at the commencement ceremony for Georgetown's Public Policy Institute. Will she receive the same criticisms as Victoria Kennedy and Desmond Tutu?

The Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) has released a new report. According to some, the data suggests churches need to "catch up" with Catholics, while others suggest taking a closer look at what the numbers are saying.

Vice President/Catholic Joe Biden has said that he is comfortable with same-sex marriage, though he acknowledges that he does not hold the power to make any policy decisions on the issue, nor does he speak for the president. However, his views seem to mirror what the majority of Catholics think. Vox Nova asks: Could the Catholic Church every approve of homosexuality?

Some "newsflashes" in Election 2012 coverage: Not all Mormons are going to vote for Mitt Romney, and Obama's race may play a role. And here's an interesting take on how Australian Catholics view the Affordable Care Act.

Finally, here's a story about a group of inmates putting on a production of "The Life of Jesus Christ." Said the prisoner who played Jesus: "To try and be like Jesus is an awesome task, because none of us are perfect. We're all sinful, and if we stay focused, we can be the best people we can possibly be."