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Daily Links, May 24: Mostly in the category of bad news.

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Well, religious freedom seems to be the topic du jour once again. Today on our blog Meghan Murphy-Gill and Bryan Cones crticize the rhetoric being used to talk about the issue. Meanwhile, today we see another example of how another country has "again defied its international commitments to protect free speech and freedom of religion."

Still on the subject of this week's lawsuits against the contraception mandate, Grant Gallicho does some fact checking of Cardinal Dolan. And, David Gibson provides another look at how not all the bishops are on board with the latest happenings involving this situation.

Also related to religious freedom, George Washington's famous document on the subject will again be put on display to the public.

Moving on!

The Vatican has published a set of rules to help determine which sightings of Mary are authentic.

The trial continues for Msgr. William Lynn, who has asserted that he thought he did his best to help victims of sexual abuse.

The Pew Forum has released two new surveys, on the utility of the labels "pro-choice" and "pro-life" and also on what Catholics think of the contraception mandate.

And the closest I have for good news: even though there might not actually be jobs for young graduates, most of them say they would take a pay cut to do work that could positively impact society. We'll do the survey again in 6 months after their loan payments start.