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Daily links, Fri., May 25: In which I try to avoid the topic of religious liberty, even though it's really hard

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The pope's butler is arrested on suspicion of leaking documents is the "Vatileaks" scandal. (The butler did it!) No religious liberty there...

Courage, a support group for "men with same-sex attraction," stages sports camp to help their members be more manly. Scores a zero on the religious liberty meter.

A streaker at a St. Louis Cardinals game had evidently been drinking when he lost the bet that required the naked run around the diamond. Obviously, and obviously not connected to religous liberty unless your religion requires that behavior, in which case you will have to take it up with Justice Scalia.

And... British priest apologizes for using the f-word in a Facebook post. Really, no one should use that word in a Facebook post, but either way, it's not about religious liberty, so I win my own contest. <patting self on back>

Happy Memorial Day!