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Daily Links, April 9: Easter messages, health insurance, and Catholic social teaching

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Happy Easter season! We hope you had a joyful day of celebration! The pope was in for a big Easter treat--literally. He received this 7 foot tall, 550-pound chocolate bunny, which he donated to a juvenile detention center. Benedict also offered an Easter message for Syria: end the bloodshed. President Obama also extended Easter greetings. And, here's an Easter message from Vox Nova.

On our blog, Scott Alessi sees some reasons for hope in the wake of the tragic shootings in Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend.

We've recently discussed gender bias in the workplace. The Washington Post asks - is there a "war on women" right now in our culture, or is it really a war for women's votes?

Religion Dispatches takes a look at how the Paul Ryan budget meshes with Catholic social teaching. Spoiler alert: they conclude that it doesn't, really. 

And, while debates still rage about the Affordable Care Act, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm says that being uninsured is also a mandate--to higher costs in emergency room care. "Being forced out of the insurance market doesn’t mean one is absent from the health care market," she says.