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Daily Links April 4: young adults, gay marriage, women

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Bryan Cones writes that what’s news about this story, isn’t that a new parish council member approved by Cardinal Christoph Schonborn is gay, but that he is only 26-years-old: “I can think of plenty of pastors who would give their eye-teeth for a 26-year-old council member (gay or straight).”

Professors at Xavier University in Cincinnati will no longer receive contraception coverage in their school health insurance plans. Students are divided on whether or not the move is prudent.

A school assembly at a St. Paul, Minnesota Catholic school on marriage and family got some high school students pretty riled up.

Rick Santorum won’t let up in the primaries, but RNS’s Mark Silk says it’s time for Rick’s Requiem. But even without a culture warrior as the GOP nominee, can Republicans get the all-important women’s vote in the general election this fall?

And finally, a new study asking why former Catholics left the church finds that they didn’t just drift away. “The typical respondent was a 53-year-old woman." Where have we heard that before?