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Daily Links, April 2: You heard it here first!

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Proving that U.S. Catholic is hip, cool, and with it (or at least on top of popular subjects du jour):

Our April issue included a story on the harmful impacts of mountaintop removal. Today, The Atlantic talks about negative health consequences of fracking, another process considered envrionmentally controversial.

In March, we ran a feature on gay and lesbian Catholics and their relationship to the church. Today, Religion Dispatches examines the status of gays and lesbians on Catholic university campuses, while we hear in the news that in Austria, a cardinal overruled a priest who had disallowed a gay man to serve on the parish council.

We've posed the question: What's keeping young adults out of church? In Trenton, NJ, a recent survey asked people why they had left the church.

On our blog, we've discussed the sad story of Trayvon Martin. Here's an article on the elusiveness of accountability for police officers who have shot young black males.

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