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Daily Links, April 19: Bishops, budget, belief, 'Bama

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We're into the Easter season as we await Pentacost--but as Catholics do we place too much emphasis on Lent and not enough on the 50 days of Easter?

There's been plenty of back and forth lately between the bishops and some prominent Catholic politicians. John Boehner and Paul Ryan have both rejected a statement from the bishops urging them to protect the poor in the federal budget.

In other bishop news, Cardinal Dolan was named to TIME's 100 Most Influential People list. Perhaps he can use some of that influence and respond to Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro's request for him to speak out against the budget.

And, Peoria bishop Daniel Jenky is coming under fire for remarks given in his homily last weekend--a complaint has been lodged with the IRS, claiming that Jenky more or less urged people to vote against President Obama in this year's election.

More on the "renewal" of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious from Bryan Cones.

Apparently belief in God is highest in places that are developing countries, or places that are Catholic (or, like the Philippines--both!).

Alabama appears to missing an opportunity to repeal their harsh immigration law passed last year. For more on how this law has affected families, check out our March issue.

This year's tax season has come and gone, but maybe next year you can use Ignatian reflection to help you through filing your taxes!