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Daily Links, April 11: Creative minds, sex, and yoga

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To kill the time on a 15-hour flight to New Zealand, one woman took Flemish-style self-portraits in the lavatory. They are amazingly creative and hilarious.

Also brilliantly creative: Caine’s Arcade. If you haven’t seen this video, yet, just be prepared for the tears of hope, joy, and for all that is good in the world. This kid is a superstar.

Relevant asks what’s the difference between women’s beauty and sexuality. Personally, I find this conversation tired and myopic and overly focused on women’s dress. Let’s all just be responsible for our own behavior no matter how we or the opposite sex dresses. That being said, our May cover story is on the general culture’s sexualizing of young girls’ fashion.

This story on real yoga. Again.

CNN get’s a rare glimpse (for non-Mormons) of the inside of a Mormon temple.

Are, as Dolan, et al. claim, the church’s teachings on sex and sexuality just not conveyed and understood correctly, or is it that people just don’t agree?