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Daily links, Mon., Mar. 12: U.S. Catholic doesn't make the top 10 iPad app list bc there's not an app for that

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David Gibson of Religion News Service and dotCommonweal plugs his excellent analysis of what's going on behind closed doors at the USCCB on the HHS mandate. Given the stakeholders--the bishops, Catholic hospitals and universities--Gibson wonders how far the bishops can go, and if they even know what they want.

On the gay and lesbian front: Father Marcel Guarnizo, who withheld communion from lesbian Barbara Johnson (who is also apparently a Buddhist), has been placed on leave from ministry for "engaging in intimidating behavior toward parish staff and others that is incompatible with proper priestly ministry," according to the Washington Post. Despite all the Barbara Johnson bashing out there (including from the normally even-keeled Rod Dreher of The American conservative: She's a lesbian! She's a Buddhist! She's an activist!), it seems that this guy actually has issues.

Across The Pond, English Catholic bishops are trying to mobilize their flocks, U.S.-style, against the legalization of marriage by that countries Tory government. Anglican Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, a prominent gay marriage opponent in the C of E, argues that Parliament needs the OK of the church's General Synod. Meanwhile, the Episcopal Church here in the U.S. has released proposed rites for the blessing of same-gender couples.

And just to point out how cutting edge we at US Catholic are: Here is InformationWeek's newest list of the 10 hidden gems of the iPad app store. Unfortunately, US Catholic's iPad app isn't on it. But that's because it doesn't exist. If the USC app did exist, however, I'm sure it would be in the Top 10. Among Catholic apps. Or at least among Catholic magazine apps. OK, among monthly Catholic magazine apps. Produced in Chicago.