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Daily Links, March 9: Same-sex marriage rites, pink slime, nun run

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Episcopalians now have drafts of liturgical rites for same-sex marriage. It boggle my mind that while one church allows same-sex couples to marry, another calls gays and lesbians “intrinsically disordered.” In the late 90s, we ran two articles about same-sex relationships with one writer arguing that church-sanctioned marriages gives the church a bigger and more positive role in the couple’s life, while a gay Catholic explained why he chose celibacy. For the next few weeks, we’ll have a special section on gay and lesbian Catholics with more selections from our archives.

A game of Who Said It with Rick Santorum and the grand ayatollah. (H/T RNS)

Rick Santorum is popular among evangelicals but can’t get the Catholic vote. Mitt Romney is getting Catholic Republicans, but can’t get white evangelicals in the South. Gingrich is still in it to win it, though he’s probably not going to win it. And Kelly Clarkson didn’t endorse Ron Paul.

Kids, make your lunch the night before.

Sister Mary Ann Walsh says the Obama administration shouldn’t balk that Catholic institutions are fighting against the HHS mandate. After all, the Amish are exempt from the entire health care reform law. But does the Amish church employee thousands of non-Catholics?

Running for fun for nuns.