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Daily Links, March 28: Arizona health care bill, Glenn Beck, Malaysian methadone clinic/mosque, and the pope's trip to Cuba

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A short and sweet list of links today:

The Arizona senate rejected a bill that would have allowed employers to exclude contraception coverage in their health insurance policies. “The Republican-sponsored bill is supported by social conservatives and Roman Catholic bishops who say it protects the religious freedom of all employers by allowing them to use the opt-out privilege now extended only to religious entities.”

Glenn Beck compares paying taxes to getting robbed. Because I’m sure he’s never ever (and certainly not every day as he drives on paved roads with clear signage or enjoys freedoms and protections thanks to publically funded judges and lawyers and police officers) benefitted from this so-called robbery and he’s certainly getting robbed at a much higher rate than those Americans who make significantly less than he does.

The New York Times reports on a mosque in Malaysia that also serves as a methadone clinic.

And finally, I think I heard something about the pope taking a trip.