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Daily Links March 21: Executive pay, primaries, Timmy and the Jets

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Want to know more about the newly appointed archbishop  of Baltimore? Religion News Service has a good write-up about Bishop William Lori, the man many know now for his “parable of the Kosher deli.”

Despite the negative attention Goldman Sachs received after a former executive opined in the Times about why he was leaving his posh job, shareholders of the company—including women religious—lost a battle to get the pay levels of the investment bank investigated: “The 2012 proposal would have asked for an independent board to review the risks, including reputational risks, associated with high executive compensation levels and disclose the findings to shareholders. ‘We were asking for an examination of whether Goldman's pay levels were appropriate,’ said Laura Campos, director of shareholder activities at the Nathan Cummings Foundation. ‘If people are only motivated by extremely high compensation, it focuses them on the wrong things and can be harmful to the culture.’” Goldman Sachs says it’s already complied with the request and the SEC sided with the bank. (You can read more about shareholder activism here.)

Romney won in Illinois’ primary last night with 47% of the vote to Santorum’s 35%, reportedly doing better than usual with white evangelicals, thanks to the more moderate, megachurch variety found in the Chicago suburbs. The big win in Illinois could seal the deal for Romney, but MSNBC asks what it would take for Santorum to beat him. Is it even possible?

A more important question is whether you can tell the difference between Romney and a robot judged on their answers to questions. (I can’t—I failed this quiz with a measly four correct answers. I could have sworn Romney was an Eminem fan!)

Maybe for real more important though is, who’s paying for these campaigns?

I love the lead of this story on “common sense Catholics.”

And finally, American Christians’ fave football player is going to the New York Jets. (Also: this made my yesterday.)