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Daily Links, March 2: Mandates, military force, and most influential Catholics

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Apparently March's Daily Links are so far brought to you by the letter "M"!

Well, for your daily contracaption related news: Bishop William Lori has responded to America magazine's recent editorial on the contraception mandate and the bishops' push for religious liberty. Last night, Notre Dame law professor Cathleen Kaveny appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to talk about Catholic morals and the mandate. President Obama personally called a Georgetown student who has come under attack for her informal testimony in support of the mandate. On our blog, I weighed in today on another element of the great contraception debate: all the war imagery being used.

Speaking of war, everyone will be watching closely next week when President Obama meets with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the use of military force in Iran.

The bishops are encouraging people to think about sending a letter to the White House to help gain support for immigrants. Be sure to check out our coverage on immigration in our March issue.

At CNN, Stephen Prothero has made a list of who he deems to be the 12 most influential Catholics in America.

And, I guess I can watch the "Clericus Cup" while waiting for this summer's Euro Cup and Olympic soccer tournaments!