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Daily links, Fri., Mar. 30: Facebook a danger to Filipino graduation rates (at Catholic schools); humans a danger to bees, children

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It's getting harder and harder for a Democrat to speak at a Catholic college (or to be married to one): Anna Maria has withdrawn its invitation to Victoria Kennedy, the widow for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, to give the Worcester-area, Mass., college's commencement. Worcester Bishop Robert McManus apparently thought Kennedy was just too liberal, suggesting that some of her personal opinions might be out of line with church teaching. The Boston Globe's reporting on it doesn't offer anything more. Apparently, being vaguely liberal is enough to get you blacklisted.

In the Philippines, on the other hand, it looks like its the students that aren't Catholic enough. A Filipino Catholic high school is withholding the diplomas of six boys after one of them posted pictures on Facebook in which they appear to kiss. (I wasn't aware that being a goofy adolescent boy violated a teaching in the Catechism.) The same Washington Post story nother Catholic school in the Philippines lost a court battle to prevent five girls who had posted pictures of themselves wearing bikinis on Facebook. (One girl, admittedly, was separately pictured holding a liquor bottle and a cigarette.) The school is appealing. Seriously.

Meanwhile, the world continues to collapse around our ears: The AP reports that 1 in 88 American children is now getting a autism diagnosis (could it be environmental?), while scientists have finally figured out what's causing the world's bee die-off. Surprise! it's a common insecticide.

Wake up, humans!