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Food for thought on Fat Tuesday

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The best thing about Fat Tuesday during college was definitely the veritable smorgasbord of a dessert buffet that the dining hall put out every year, topped off with a chocolate fondue with strawberries and pound cakes for dipping.

Fat Tuesday is understood as our one last opportunity to pig out before the solemn, somber season of Lent. Before we give up items or practices that can distract us from God for forty days, Fat Tuesday is supposed to be the last hurrah. Giving up chocolate? Better gorge on it for one last day! Pledging to spend less time on Facebook? Better spend the whole day scrolling through your News Feed.

What about if, instead of participating in giant feasts, potlucks, and parades, we spent Mardi Gras remembering the simple ways that we’ve been blessed? Calling simplicity to mind seems to be a great way to prepare for a month of fasting and dedication. Maybe instead of filling up on food and drink on Fat Tuesday, we can instead be filled with the idea that there are many small reasons for us to celebrate as we await the joy of Easter.

Though, I probably still wouldn’t say no to some extra sweets or celebration today.

Just some food for thought!