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Daily links, Fri., Feb. 17, 2012: Will Miss Manners please express an opinion about the contraception mandate?

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I figure Judith Martin might have some helpful tips on how to discuss this in a way both polite and discreet. Plus, she seems to be the only person of note without a published opinion on the matter.

Is the issue contraception, equal health care, or religious freedom? Many answers here. Phyllis Zagano says Mother Teresa wouldn't qualify for an exemption (I'm not so sure); the U.S. bishops say they "have no choice" but to oppose the mandate in any form and "will not relent."

Bishop Blase Cupich, writing at America, gets my rarely given Sanity in the Hierarchy Award for seeing the big picture and not presuming that the president is evil incarnate; I'm sure Miss Manners would appreciate his moderate tone and excellent grammar. Meanwhile, the editors of Commonweal write yet another editorial about the mandate--this time warning about the unintended consequences of an all-or-nothing approach by the bishops--while Catholic attorney Timothy Jost explains the legal complexities surrounding the mandate.

Meanwhile from Rome, we suffer exhaustive coverage of "rock-star" Archbishop Timothy Dolan's red hat--and hear of an alleged assassination plot against Pope Benedict, complete with struggles for power among the cardinals. (What!? Cloak and dagger in the Vatican? Mon dieu!)

Looking forward to the day that I won't have to type the word "contraception" any more. Nor put up with anyone using the non-word "contracept" as a verb <sniff>.