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Daily Links, Feb. 7: Contraception, same-sex marriage, and abortion

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The argument over the contraception mandate in health care coverage remains the top news story. The Washington Post reports that White House advisors are asking President Obama to seek compromise on the issue, but a new poll shows that a majority of Catholics don't really object to mandatory contraception coverage in employee health care. David Gibson writes at Sojourners about how these results factor in to the debate, as does Lisa Fullam at Commonweal.

And at Religion Dispatches, Sarah Posner looks at another poll showing Catholics aren't all that opposed to the Obama administration's decision.

And here at U.S. Catholic, Bryan Cones looks at the larger context of the religious freedom debate and the legal precedent for contesting the HHS mandate.

In more positive news, job openings are on the rise, reaching a three-year high in December.

The big news out of California today is that a court struck down the ban on same-sex marriage, ruling the voter-approved ban is unconstitutional. Once again, Bryan Cones offers some additional insight on our blog.

Alabama may be taking another look at its controversial immigration law. One Alabama state senator admits that Jesus would "probably not" vote for the state's current law.

With Indiana leading the way for more states to consider right-to-work laws, Vox Nova looks at an even more troubling idea: term limits for employees.

And finally, we haven't heard the last of the Komen for the Cure/Planned Parenthood saga. Today Komen exec Karen Handel resigned over the charity's decision to resume funding of Planned Parenthood. Some say the move may help Handel rejuvenate her political career by winning the support of pro-life groups.