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Daily Links, Feb. 6: Madonna, fired priests, and Catholic college

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Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? Though many had mixed reactions to the announcement of Madonna as the halftime performer, today A Nun's Life gives Madonna two thumbs up.

An Illinois priest has been fired for altering the words to the new missal. On our blog, Scott Alessi asks what sort of precedent this might set for priests who like to ad lib during Mass.

Though Catholics have had an established presence in Arizona since 1539 (and a Jesuit mission since 1692), the state plans to open its first Catholic college in downtown Mesa in 2013, though details are still in the works.

Many people have been throwing around the words "war on religion" lately, especially in reference to the HHS mandate. Ever wonder the first time this sentiment was expressed in our nation's history? Sojourners tells us it was way back in 1787, by an anti-federalist name Luther Martin.

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