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Daily Links, Feb. 2: More winter, humor, and questions

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You’ve probably heard already, but in case not, I hate to be the bearer of bad/(good?) news: (Only) six more weeks of winter left!

Well, the big news today is obviously that ferry that sank off of Papua New Guinea. At least 100 are missing, so all the top news outlets are covering it as much as they covered the Italian cruise ship fiasco (maybe even more so).

Jim Martin thinks funny things are funny. It’s weird, because most people don’t. I wonder if he also likes chocolate shakes. If so, then I can totally relate.

This thing is cool.

Morning’s minion reminds us that health care isn’t the only area in which religious liberty is an issue. I’m just disappointed that the bishops couldn’t (wouldn’t?) rally as much outcry and fervor over the harsh immigration laws that are being enacted around the country.

NCR reports on the “questionable” nature of how the Knights of Columbus spend their money.

And we’ve got two questions on the USCatholic blog today: What does the prayer really say? and Should Catholic institutions employ non-Catholics?