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Daily Links, Feb. 14: SPOILER ALERT--There is nothing about contraception in the Daily Links.

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Happy Valentine's Day! You might spend the day with your one true love, but do you know some of the origins of this holiday? Let's just say it didn't involve pink and purple balloons, flowers, or boxes of chocolates.

The bishops are speaking out...about protecting the jobless and the rights of the working poor! Heard about it? On our blog today, Scott Alessi talks about the very poor around the world, and what $150 looks like in perspective.

Religious freedom is under China! And, Suzan Johnson Cook, the U.S. ambassador for international religious freedom, has been denied a visit to China to meet with Chinese officials about it.

In Tennessee, legislation has been proposed to eliminate encampments in an effort to clean up the Occupy movement in Nashville. However, the bill would also have the consequence of making it a misdemeanor to be homeless and set up a place to sleep outside. Poverty Insights today discusses some ways we can "redesign" the way we house the homeless.

Also on our blog today, Fr. Tom Joyce examines if undocumented workers hurt or help our economy, while Scott Alessi checks in from Washington, D.C. after listening to a talk on working toward common goals in a diverse faith community.

And if you live in Southern California...PROTECT YOUR TUBAS!